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Sony's new Display place directly to Eyes.

Sony has released another new innovative device which is mounted on head and view the display screen.This device has showcased at IFA 2013.This headsets are called VR headsets and its bact already in the news.Along with this headset there is lot of additional components which is included along with this headsets to set perfectly on the head.

This  Headsets are pretty comfortable device to view the screen.How it works.Lets discuss.All contents are driven  through the MHL from the smartphone device which is supported with Sony Xperia Z1.Also the head mounted unit comes with battery back up which supports the MHL to the video to the headset as well as Audio to the smartphone.

The head mounted device internally it has HD OLED display screen to view the perfect gaming model.Also the entire experience to the user is sitting at the cinema theater.Also the head mounted display screen close to the eyes and its really giving the fantastic effect of theater.As of now the price information has not know completely as well as availability of the smartphone as well.Soon this device will be available around the world.


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