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Twitter soon will launch "Recalling option" for tweets sent

Recent Twitter is working on the new feature release called "Undo Send timer for tweets options.
Actually the new feature was identified by Jane Manchun Wong, found lot of features in Twitter and even other social media platform through reverse engineering technique.

Specialty of this features:

1. This feature will give the end user for a chance of recall or cancel the tweet option even after the send button clicked, in case of typo or other mistakes done while sending the tweets.

2.Also this feature comes with timer options.

3. Actually the timer will begin as soon as tweet has sent and doesn't seem to last for too long.

But as of launch date yet to be finalized and yet to know the twitter plans to roll this fantastic feature. As of now this feature in development stage, Also this feature comes in light when the twitter rolled out Spaces a Clubhouse-style audio chat rooms feature, for Android users globally.

Just a few days ago, Twitter Spaces was rolled out for Android users globally as part of its wider testing process. For now, Android users will not be able to host spaces, but they will be able to join and talk in spaces, with hosting coming soon. 

This feature was identified by Reverse Engineering expert Jane Manchun wong has done lot of analysis into the code and captured that twitter is working on this new features.


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