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Android OS TV released by Xiaomi

Now a days there is plenty of smart TV available in the market.Now Xiaomi has released new 47-inch 3d Smart TV with price tag of 2999 yuan ($490).The new 47-inch wider screen Smart TV comes with MIUI TV OS which is Xiaomi's own production Software as well as this software is mad with Google's Android OS.This is the first TV from the Xiaomi in the TV devision of business.

The new Xiaomi television is very slim  along with 2cm thickness also its 4.8cm thickness.Also this  smartTv comes with LCD screen which is made by LG or Samsung as well as its runs with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 600 processor.This smartTv includes with 2GB of RAM along with 8GB of internal storage.The important feature of this smartTv is it has Wi-Fi connectivity as well as it has Bluetooth 4.0 version as well. This smartTV comes with Miracast,WiDi ,DLNA and Airplay technology included.

This smartTV comes with HD resolution  with 1920x1080 pixel density.Also it support 3D based content delivery as well.It has nearly 6 colors and the price of Xiaomi 47-inch smartTV 2999 yuan ($490). 


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