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Fujitsu manufacturing laptops from the e-wasts.Mind blowing work.

Fujitsu is one of the leading laptop and pc componanents maker in the world.Now Fujitsu is planning to make the laptop using the unwanted  CDs and DVDs.Actually the e-waste called unwanted electronic items.Now the unwanted CD and DVD will be reused to make the laptop cover case and most of the laptop body will be constructed using this DVD and CD.Actually the CDs and DVDs coming for Games and kinds will play the games and they will crack it.But most of the CDs after use of sometimes it will be affected by severe scratch.So those kind of unwanted or scratched CDs will be reused by Fujitsu to make the PC or laptop.This recycling program will be used to put more effort to construct the complete set of new notebooks that is now beginning with Life book p772/E.This is come in the segment of enterprise laptop models.According to the Fujitsu ,the company said long year e-waste will be recycled and used like this to produce quality and good shiny looking laptop in the market.So soon all the unwanted CDs and DVDs Fujitsu will collect.


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