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Elon Musk advice to young people


Elon interview with  Aritificial Intelligence researcher Lex Fridman, they both are shared advice for students like reading books some time as well as less aim for becoming leader and helping. 

When in the interview Musk asked what advice he could give yo young people whos is dream big and want to do big Musk just replied " Just try to be useful"

Musk generally said that the young generation should do something for the fello human  being and to the world. But "its realy hard to be useful" musk stated that.

Also urgent to young people musk said " Contribute more than you consume " Also he adviced to young generation read and aware of whats going around the world.

How world is turning towards to which direction.

Also he adviced "Talk to different people from different industries and professional skills"Also musk said 2014, musk said he looking for "evidence of exceptional ability"


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