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StackOverflow app approved by Apple name called "StackSearchQ".

In code development world Stack Overflow website is one of the mostly searched website.Now the new look and feel with flat screen UI has released for the new StackOverFlow app for iPhone or iPad.The new app called StackSearchQ comes with very sleek UI look and it has easily navigable.


In the front screen the number of Votes per Question and Answer per Questions are clearly visible for each search.User can easily enter the search string on the search field and appropriate answers comes with highest votes and Answers order.

In this Order user can easily get the answers immediately or they can able to set their Order type like ascending order or vice versa.Also select the sort type based on the following four criteria.The four type as follows


When we search the in the text field the appropriate tags are displayed in with option  to select.Based on the option selection tag the result will be displayed for the particular search.

Description page:
In the description page complete Question and Answers are displayed with highlighted comment on that.Each comment has highlighted based on the string searched.This all about the fantastic iPhone or iPad app "StackSearchQ"

Download : StackSearchQ 
Source: GadgetCongress


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