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Nokia Lumia 920 First look and Hands on.

Nokia Lumia is the only brand now staying in the customers mind and heart as of now.Nokia has released lot of new models and features but still Lumia win the market share as well as customers heart.So Nokia taken this as power tool to increase their brand and reached to smartphone market like Sony has take Xperia brand to reach the market same strategy here also followed.The Nokia 920 is the true smartphone comes with High end device smartphone segment.Nokia Lumia 920 is the first Windows 8 smartphone officially announced by Nokia.

Lumia 920 comes with curved design and the screen is powered with 4.5-inch wider screen also comes with prue and true HD+ display.When we look at the internal hardware parts it comes with 1.5Ghz dual core processor for the speed performance as well as it comes with Snapdragon S4 CPU which is latest processing unit in the market as of now.The battery power for Lumia 920 comes with 2,000 mAh mega power.As well as in US all the retails has the NFC technology to check in and check out so Lumia 920 comes with NFC technology enabled.

Also there is important and exciting feature is wireless charging feature has added in Lumia 920 which is really awesome features.The camera is one of the important features of all the smartphone here Nokia Lumia 920 comes with 8MP main camera at the back side comes with true HD video recording with 1080p resolution.The screen resolution of Lumia 920 comes with WXGA (1,280 x 768) pixel resolution.Also its
fastest display panel and Nokia has never before released these kind of resolution screen.Also this screen comes with fastest LCD touch screen.

Also this touch screen Nokia called as "Super Sensitive Touch".Also Nokia's pureview has the 41MP which is not exactly 41MP  and its compressed form of pixels.This Nokia 808 has not reached market so now Nokia has planned to release the camera with complete HD display.Also this smartphone supports LTE and HSPA+ connectivity.The new Nokia Lumia 920 will arrive at pentaban LTE in US market and started shipping at the end of this year.

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