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Windows 8 RT tablets are expected to sell around $300 says Lenovo Executive.

Windows 8 OS enabled tablets are expected to sell around $300 based the hint given by the Lenovo executive.The Windows and other OEM tie up to manufacture the tablets and it will come to the market for the reasonable price.Now we got some hint from the Lenovo executive which he has given the interview to the  bloomberg TV,David Schmoock senior VP of Lenovo North section of the company.The Windows 8 tablet will come to the market around $600 and $700 range.Also there is a variations like ARM based Windows RT cost around $200 and $300.Also RT is now very famous among the people and playing major role in the tablet market as well.But he does not given the complete details about the price tag of all the products.Just a clue he said.Also he added like ThinkPad Tablet 2 cost around $200 and other variant cost around $300.Also he said that Ultrabook model of laptop sales like they have reached 40% of market at the end of this year.So Lenovo and Windows doing good business as of now.


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