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How to enable swype in HTC sensation XE

The swype facility htc has given in HTC sensation xe and higher version of models.HTC has introduced this swype has new and enhanced way and it is fast and easy to type on the move.To enable swype on htc sensation follow the below steps.

Step to enable the Swype in HTC sensation mobiles:

Step 1 : Go to the Settings  screen from the application.
Step 2 : Select the Language & Keyboard option from the Settings screen 
Step 3 : Select the Touch input option in the screen of language and keyboard.
Step 4 : After that select the Trace keyboard option which is available in the touch input screen.
Step 5 : Finally check the tick mark on trace keyboard to enable the Swype on the keyboard
Optional: To change the color of the swype line just change the color then there itself.


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