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ZTE first Jelly Bean Android Smartphone

ZTE is planning to release the first Jelly Bean version smartphone in the coming months.HTC is already started update for their much popular phone as well as the Jelly Bean Android OS update has already rolled out for some of the HTC smartphone like One s and One X.But ZTE releasing new smartphone called ZTE N-880 Jelly Bean enabled smartphone.This smartphone is completely new from the existing smartphone which ZTE has released.This smartphone comes with 1GHz speed processor has included in this  smartphone.

Also ZTE smartphone comes with Single core qualcomm processor.The weight of the smartphone is just 130gram also it has stylish look.Also this smartphone comes with 4-inch screen  comes with WVFA screen technology.Camera is the important feature for the smartphone now so ZTE has giving 3.2MP camera with sharp display.Also this model of smartphone comes with external microSD card slot as well as it include 4GB card.Also it has lot of technology which comes with Jelly Bean version.Still there is no official  information about the price of the smartphone

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