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How to improve batter life of Cellphones or mobiles.

How to improve batter life of Cellphones or mobiles.

Close all apps which is not used:

First thing close the services of the apps which is not current
using.Because the services runs back end and eat up the battery.

Turn off Wireless connectivity:

Turn off all wireless connectivity of cellphones like
wi-fi, Blue tooth, GPRS and EDGE connection when your not
using those connection.Due to this connection turn on all
battery  life will eatup only by these apps and battery will be
dry as soon. If we turned off this wireless connectivity then
atleast two day we can keep the battery life of all kind
of smart phone.

Map and GPS connectivity:

Map apps alwasy run behing the screen and it takes battery life
more. When ever require the maps at the time only navigate the
map apps rest of the time keep this app in off condition

The same procedure has to follow for GPS also.The main GPS functionality
will be turn on when we navigate throught the map so at the time
turn on GPS and rest of the time shut down.

Brightness and touch sensitivity:

So always keep the brightness as much as less because the lights
sourround by the screen eat the battery power in case of more

Don't use live wallpaper:

In the most of the smart phone live wall paper facility is available
and it eats memory and consume batter power more.As possible as
avoid using Live wall paper on the screen to ssave the battery life.


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