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Moto X,Moto E and Moto G received Android 4.4.4 update in India.

In India Motorola recently announced through their official Twitter page like Motorola has started roll out the update of Android 4.4.4 for the most recently smartphone in India.These update has released region wise and phase wise so may be it will be get some delay in some other regions.If the update available in your area as soon as you will receive notification.Otherwise we can manually check by choose the following options like,

Settings > About Phone < Software update.

But Motorola has not released Android 4.4.3 for any smartphone in India.Also the direct upate of new skin with Android 4.4.4 recently launched for the most well know devices like Moto X, E and G to  Android 4.4.4. The update size is comes between 50-75MB depending on whether it is Moto E, G or X.


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