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LG's new tablets captured in FCC

LG has released its first tablet on 2013 which is comes with name of LG G Pad 8.3.Now LG again planning to release the new tablets which is recently captured in FCC and its name called V400 and V700.These two tablets are coming with aluminum-backed slate and its look like Google Play station edition.Now we will look detailed information about the LG V400 which is similar to the earlier version of LG G Pad.Based on the FCC image this tablet also comes with rear speakrs,volume Jockers as well as headphone jack inbuilt.

Also this smart tablet is comes with 8.3-inch wider screen G Pad.Also other version called V700 may the LG first large size of tablet after G slate.This tablet comes with 3D model tablet and it has runs with Android 3.0 honeycomb.But based on the image its difficult to describe about the size of the tablet.Also it will have stereo speakers and the screen may come with 10-inch wider screen.So soon we will receive new tablet which is runs with Android in 2014.


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