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How to connect Paypal with Samsung Galaxy S5.

This new features are enabled for single swipe to access your funds on Paypal.Samsung Finger Scanner is not only used as just simple finger print scanner its more than scan which is let user can authenticate with Paypal account while scan your finger.When user swipe the lock screen it recognize the finger and authenticate the Paypla account for transaction.

First off course we need Paypal on Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and Paypal app can be downloaded from Samsung Apps or Google Play.Also we need to install some additional application to do this authentication for Paypal.The NNL Fingerprint passport its allow user to registered the fingerprint of the Galaxy S5 with FIDO ready online services like Paypal.But no need to worry about the NNL installation it will prompt you to install the protocols when you install the Paypal app on Galaxy S5.

Steps: How to connect Paypal with Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • Sign in to your PayPal account along with your username and password
  • In the side menu, tap on settings
  • You'll now see options to choose how you want to login that includes registering your fingerprint. 
  • Tap that menu item You're then asked to verify your password again
  • Once you've entered your password, a box pops up prompting you to link your fingerprint to your account. 
  • Swiping your finger once should do the trick (it'll tell you if you were off center or anything.)
  • And that's all there is to it. Next time you go to login to the PayPal app instead of seeing a box asking 
  • you to verify your username and password, you'll be asked to swipe your finger. Especially convenient 
  • if – and you should absolutely be – you're using a particularly complex password.


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