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HTC IR function available in OpenSense SDK.

HTC has recently updated their software package with new API called IR control function to Opensense SDK package which is really useful for the developers and take the effects of IR from the HTC one.The recent HTC one device has the IR emitter as well as it has intelligently placed in the power button. HTC hope that developers will utilize this API and developers are expected to release the bundle TV sense apps.Also this API is available on the request bases as well as this API will be used to develop the TV remote apps.Also HTC looking that developers can develop the apps to control the Television as well as printers and camera and other devices which supports IR. But this looks pretty old technology because now a days all the device comes with in build wi-fi so we can control all the device using Wi-Fi like TV,printers and wi-fi cameras.HTC is looking something different may be.Lets see how long they can able to travel with IR.


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