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FireFox OS released for smartphones.

FireFox and Sony together developed the smartphone OS which is completely differ from other OS in the market. Now Sony has released the new FireFox OS ROM for their well known brand smartphone Xperia E. Actually Sony has released the experimental ROM for Xperia E Android based smartphone.The FireFox OS will be running with this ROM which is released by SONY and some developers are tried its working fine as well. Also Sony has explained how to install the FireFox OS on Xperia E.

The developers who are all willing to install this OS first of all they have to unlock the Xperia E smartphone's
bootloader. Also to flash the image into smartphone use the tool available in the Sony's Developer World site.Also this tool helps to switch back to same Android version as well.So no need to worry about the OS corrupted problem.

Actually this ROM released for testing purpose so it wont support radio connectivity which we can't make calls and connect Wi-Fi using this OS since its released only for testing.Also touch response also very slow also microSD card slot functionality is unstable and Sony advised that not to try.Also some of the OEMs are plan to make FireFox enabled OS on their brand.The complete video is available below.


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