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Verizon version of Galaxy Note 2 Complete review.

Samsung has released the specialized version for the US carrier Verizon network and its consists of the unique feature included. Also every one knows that Global version of Galaxy Note 2.This is the official release from the Verizon network.But there is no huge difference when we compare to this smartphone to the international version.This Galaxy Note 2 comes with 5.5-inch HD display along with AMOLED display at the super pixel resolution of 1280 x720.The battery power for this smartphone comes with 3,100mAh.

Also it has 1.6GHz quad core processor with Exynos processor.Also there is a Verizon logo attached.This is the only outlook difference when we look at the smartphone.Also the Verizon base Galaxy note 2 comes with pre-loaded Verizon based applications like VZ navigator,My Verizon Mobile also Mobile hotspot. Also the new Galaxy Note 2 comes with Jelly bean version along with latest smartphone features application added.But as of now there is no price and availability has revealed by the company.


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