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Solar power keyboards launched in India from Logitech

Logitech is one of the familiar brand for all the computer accessories.Logitech recently released lot of new keyboards and mouses but one notable accessory are Solar power keyboard.This keyboard will take charge from Sun and no need of electricity power required for this keyboard.Recently three variants of keyboards are released by Logitech namely Ultra thin keyboard cover,Solar keyboard Polio and wireless solar keyboard k760.Actually Solar keyboard Polio and Ultrathin Keyboard supported for iPad and we can connect directly to iPad and work on. No need of any additional application to support on iPad.At the same time we can connect Wireless Solar keyboard K760 to iPhone.Also we can connect wireless solar keyboard k760 to iPad and iMac as well.

The new Ultra thin cover keyboard runs in bluetooth as well as the while using this keyboard we can reduce the touch on iPad and iPhone. Also we can attach this keyboard to iPad through the magnetic clip comes with wireless keyboard.Also we can connect this keyboard to iPad 2 as well as iPad.Also Logitech new technology keyboard Solar polio has the solar cells so it will give the power even in less  sun light heat.This keyboard also runs with Bluetooth.This keyboard has the multiview stand which enable keypad on one side and other side it has video panel enabled.The last one but not least one Logitech Solar Keyboard K760 has the dedicated keys for Mac.During the night time also the solar cells gives the charge to the keyboard.

When we think about the price the Ultra thin keyboard and Wireless Solar keyboard K760 comes with Rs.6,599 and Logitech Solar Keyboard Polio comes with price tag of RS.8,999.

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