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Top tep reason for kolaveri song success.

How the kolaveri song has became popular throught out the world.

Top tep reason for kolaveri song success.

1.Simple english(Battler English):

          The english used in this kolaveri song is good or bad but the song has fully
 in english and every one can understand very quickly.Its beat in their min every time
so the song has moer than billion hits in youtube and facebook.

2.Marketting in YouTube:

       The mass hit of the kolaveri song is first the idea which
they came up with to upload the video in youtube even that is in
Sony music channel. This idea brings the song as mass hit bring
the audience from all over the world.

3.Song recognized in Bollywood.(Even in Hindi film industry):

Amitabh bacchan has written in his twitter as "Mind Blogging" about the song
and lot of other bollywood stars start tweets on their own blog. This is how
how the song was became mass audience in hindi speaking film world industry.

4. Reached lower lever people:

 Due to the simple english even the lower lever people also
understand the english as well. This brings the total mass for this song

5.Social media :

The facebook all the youths are activilty participated and more of the youth like this
song and pointed the one lak likes in facebook.Now a days people are very fast they are
sharing their good experience about any new things.The same way they followed here and
share this song where ever they go.

6.Blogging about Kolaveri song:

        The song is sensless but its catchy...So all are writting about the song in all
their blog as well as media pupblish this song as mass hit in youtube like that they have
written in their blog.

7.Technics handled :

     Here there is no special effect in terms of videos are costumes for each actor and
music player.Simplicity has reached all over the world.They have not spend more money or time
to take this video or write this script as well.

8.Cross multi language reach:
     Even though there is lot of version of language in india all people likes this and
even converted this song in their own language due to simple english and understable script
this brings wider audience across all the states in india.

9.Simple Strategic marketting.

   This song has published wider audience media like youtube and facebook that brings
the mass hit of the song. As well as the bollywood big stars like amitabh bacchan
has tweeted about this song has brings even more audience attention as well as
public media attention.

10.Simplicity wins:
     Simple song and easily understandble script and no modern shoot for the song.
simply audio as well as video captured inside the four walls.


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