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What is activity lifecycle in Android ?

What is activity lifecycle in Android ?

Components in each application some active and inactive
to maintain that there is life cycle process and states
which defines the componet's life cycle.Especially each
activity has the three states.

Three states of Activity lifecycle :

  • Active or running state
  • paused state
  • stopped state

Active state:

In this state defines that the activity is in the foreground of the screen (means top of the stack)
and this activity has responsiblity to focus on user action.


The specific activity lost the user focus but still visible to the user the this
 state will be called.Also this state maintain the member information and
state to tell window manager.

Stopped :

This state denotes that the activity has completly terminated.
But still it can retains all the state and member information.

Anyway it will be no longer visible to the end user as well and it
will be killed by the system when the memory is required to process
other state.


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