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FREE !!! Voice-Calling feature in WhatsApp on Android.

Most of the people asked How to get WhatsApp voice-calling feature enabled on Android?.Actually this feature is released only on Android as of now but not for all the region and all mobiles.WhatsApp not yet officially announced when the new feature voice-calling will arrive.But this feature is already available on number of smart phones as a trial test version.This feature is accessible to many smartphones all over India.Before the official announcement if you want it here is the quick guide and follow the steps and you will get that feature on your mobile.

The very first step we have to install Whatsapp version 2.12.5 or above this version.If you have older version of WhatsApp just update the WhatsApp to the current version through the Google play.if anybody has problem to update just download the version 2.12.7 from WhatsApp website and get it installed on your smartphone.How to check the WhatsApp version? just go the menu > settings > help > about, or go to phone settings > apps > Whatsapp to check the version of WhatsApp.

Once you have done the installation, now you have to receive a call from someone who is already installed and activated WhatsApp voice-calling feature.Once someone has given a call then you attend the call and complete it.Now in your WhatsApp new "call" tab will be shown.This is it now you can make voice calling through WhatsApp.


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