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Google's Waze enter into New 3D world of MAP

Everyone knows that Google recently purchased Waze. Actually Waze its 3D technology Map and traffic update in the US.These technology has beaten the Google's Map.So Google has acquired the 3D technological company Waze  to improve their traffics and MAP functionality.So every one expects that it would be a Google's YouTube acquisition. The Google Waze will be on top of the technology in the 3D Map and traffice update as well as navigation and sharing into social networks.

Why Google is acquired Waze because recenly all the mobile technologies are really making huge traffice in the market.Every one spending most of the time on the mobile instead of internet.Also recently we have seen some of the Major mobile based technology companies like Waze,Vine and SnapChat which is playing really a good role in the mobile market.Google has bought Youtube on 2006 which is around $1.6 billion but at the time Google said YouTube never make any money but now every one knows.


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