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HP slate 7 a detailed look.

 HP is one of the well known brand for the laptop and printers.Now HP enter into the tablet market as well.
Since the Android OS is freeware and opensource all the electronic companies are enter into the smartphone and tablet making business.This is one of the best and first tablet came from HP which is running with Android OS. Also the new HP slate 7 comes with 7-inch wider tablet which is similar like Nexus 7 or Samsung 7-inch tab.Also HP slate 7 is very less in thickness when compare to other 7-inch tablet in market.Also the new HP slate 7 sells with price tag of $169.

The new HP slate 7 comes with pixel resolution of 1024 x 600 when compare to Nexus 7 pixel resolution 1280 x 800  the Nexus 7 is good in display.Also one of the best dual core processor has used in this slate like 1.6GHz dual core processor.Also this smartphone has the 8GB storage and it has less memory.Also it has the connectivity as NFC and GPS as well.

When we look into the software section it has Android 4.1.1 which is bit latest in the market.The new slate has announced in MWC 2013.Also this tablet has HP propriatery software for printing and and it has beats audio enabled software has introduced.Also the new HP slate comes with tablet segment and new to the market. Also its better in some of the features when compare to other 7-inch tablet in the market.


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