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Samsung's new Home Appliance runs in Android.

Samsung each day releasing something special and new in the market.Now Samsung has released the new Home appliance which runs in Android OS.The new Samsung's T9000 smart refrigerator which is running in Android with lots of application like Evernote.

Now a days people are liking most of the modern Home appliances so Samsung knows about the customers thats the reason for this kind of refrigerator.Also the new refrigerator is provide the options to write the shopping list and maintain the date for expiration dates like yogurt and milk products.

The new refrigerator T9000 comes with wider screen with 10-inch screen with Wi-Fi enabled touch screen as well.Also this touch screen comes with apps like Epicurious to make note of receipes and Evernote other purpose as well.
The new  refrigerator running with Android OS but one of the disadvantage is we can't install any apps furter to this device.Also this refrigerator tillable throught out the world by spring season and it will be cost around $3,999.


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