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How to Add/remove screens in HTC smartphones.

In HTC sensation Xe smartphone there is a lot of new and enhanced features are added.Now it has really wonderful and creative features included after the ICS update.Here the intention of this article is to explain how to maintain and add or remove functionality of main screens.Actually in HTC sensation we have 7 screens. if any one of the owners of HTC senstion XE don't want all the 7 screens on main we can remove the screen by pressing the first button when your on home screen.

Now it will show all the 7 screen on single screen like thump nail shot.Now just press and hold the screen which you dont want on main screen and the trash will appear on the home screen so immediately just drag and drop to trash to remove the screen.At the same time if you want to add the screen on main screen just press the same first button on red  color and just add by pressing the add option on top of the screen appear.This is the procedure to add or remove main screen on Android application.I hope this information is useful for HTC lovers.


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