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Bose launched new Solo TV surround Sound Music System.

Bose recently launched new Airplay enabled Sound Link music system for all the companion devices for Apple and other OS devices.Now Bose has another release on Friday Solo TV Sound System in India.The Price in India for Bose Solo TV Sound System comes around Rs.25,673.This speaker system comes with only Single speaker and especially designed to watch the Television.Also this music system has inbuilt
technology to produce each sound separably from TV and improve lot of dialogue action sequences,music and Sound Effects on all the programming which is comes through the television.

"Recently TV picture quality has increased day-by-day like HD and Full HD but there is no improvement on Audio" said by Ratish Pandey Director of Bose India region.Also he added like Bose Solo has designed and developed especially for the TV and the people who does not have home theater System.Also this Solo music system will delivered enhanced Sound volume without any additional instruments.Also if you listen
once with Solo music System then you comes to know that how much you  missed your favorite shows during this period of time.Also this is Bose's second launch of music devices after the launch of Airplay music system on Tuesday.

The new solo music system comes with size of  7cms high x 52.5cms wide x 30.4cms in deep and Bose Solo device sound perfectly will fit with Flat panel Television which is having the base sound of 101cms wide and 26.6 cms deep.The requirement to play this Solo music system with TV, the latest TV has compatibility like 32-inch and many other TV's which is coming with 40-inch and 42-inch model.

The connectivity to TV is very simple just one cable from Bose Solo will connect to TV and other cable on wall.Also there is no further wiring process required here.Along with this music system remote control attached as well all the universell remote control will be supported.Also there is no doubt in Solo surely will deliver the world class music with Bose surround sound technology.The new Bose Solo TV music system available at Bose show room and online store for the price tag of Rs.25,673.This device starts selling from this Sunday onward in India.


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