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ASUS 4 new ALL-IN-ONE computers.

 ASUS has recently released the four new computer series which is coming with all in One features enabled in Single monitor PC.ASUS doing good business in the computer and laptop segment.In this segment there is a lot of revenue ASUS has received lot of couple of years.
So to penerate the market very deeply ASUS has launched the the new series of computers with Windows OS 8.The four new model of ASUS ALL-IN-ONE computer series are ET-20121-GTS,ET2210-INKS, ET-20-121GTS and finally ET2411-INTI PC has launched by ASUS.

These four PC has launched in India few days back.Actually ASUS India doing a good business in small segment market as well.Also among the four model ASUS ET-2012IUKS has Windows 7 star operating system.Also in this PC there is 2.5GHz processor enabled for the fastest speed and Intel Core I5-2400S and also it will run with speed of 3.30 Ghz.Also it has starts the memory model from 2GB to 8GB memory. Also the screen resolution for this PC 1600 X 900 pixel.

Also all these four models are varied based on the configuration and it comes with wider screen of 20-inch.Also this models are selling in the price tag of ET-2012IUKS Rs.30,000 and other models comes with ET-2012I-GTS Rs.44,400.The next model comes with 22-inch screen with price tag of ET-2210INKS Rs.43,000 and finally 24-inch screen the model ET-2411INTI comes with price tag of Rs.66,600


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