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HP released new envy spectre xt Ultrabook in India

In India tablet and PC market HP has the good market share in all these segment.So now HP released new series of Ultrabook in India market.The new Ultrabook comes with exciting features and additional facilities when compare to other ultrabook in the market.The new Ultrabook has released in ultra mobile premium line of ultrabooks.Also the new Ultrabook is selling in the price of Rs.64,990 in India market.The look and feel of the ultrabook is very beautiful and create the first impression in mind.

The new tablet comes with pure and quality steel or metals so this ultrabook has the long life and quality product as well.Also this ultrabook has the \optional keyboard facility attached.
Also the new HP envy Spectre XT has the 256 GB solid state storage and it has lot of storage at a time.Also the battery life for this ultrabook comes with 8hrs of time.Also the new ultrabook comes with Ultrafast emsatellite state drive and intel robist start technology added.Also the speed of this ultrabook is really awesome.Also the booting of this ultrabook is quite fast due to intel's latest processor.Also while sleep mode this ultrabook update the emails as regular through the Intel smart connect.

Also the new ultra book comes with Beats audio and four speakers are attached.Also there is cool sense technology added it will reduce the heat which is produced in the ultra book. Also the new ultra book has the HDMI earth note and USB board.Also the new ultra book comes with Adobe Photoshop 10 and Adobe premier elements 10 software. Also there is additional 2 years guarantee period added.


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