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Facebook buys instagram for $1 billion

Facebook buys instagram for $1 billion

Instagram is the leader in photo sharing and photo editing application which is 
developed by kevin Systrom with 13 member team.

This instagram application is the well known apps for all the Apple gadgets like
iPhone,iPad and iPod.

This apps donwloaded by billions of people around the world.So facebook decided to buy
the instagram apps to develop the social network photo sharing feature.

Already facebook has very good photo sharing apps integrated in facebook framework now
it bought the instagram to share the photos with more accurate clarity.

This application also supports lot of languages like French,English, Italian,Chinese,Spanish,

Why Facebook shown Interest on Instagram ?

The instagram apps supports HTML 5 technology so easily integrate with facebook framework and
also instagram has more than 10 million register user across the globe and uploaded over 1 billion 
photos all over the world.

Instagram was the well known apps for apple and it was named in 2012 by Apple inc.

The same apps donwloaded from Google play more than 1 million people.


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