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Google expected to launch Nexus 8.9-inch in 2014.

There is a number of rumors which is running around in the web about the next Nexus tablet from Google.As of now some authorized information has reported from Digitimes that Google soon will launch new Nexus which is comes with bigger screen 8.9-inch tablet.As well Google will launch 8-inch tablet as well.The new Nexus expected to come with 2K screen resolution.

The Nexus 10 comes with 2560x1600p resolution screen.These two tablets are in production and soon it will be launch between July.Also one of the rumour says that Google may introduce new Nexus in Google I/O event as well. Also almost the new Nexus may come with Snapdragon processor with powerful quad-core processor.As well as it will be comes with 2GB of RAM and latest Android version Limelight with 2MP front end camera and 5MP back end camera.Also as of rumour the new Nexus coming with price tag of $299.


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