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Amazon launched Kindle Paper White device in Japan.

US based online shopping company Amazon now started selling their Kindle PaperWhite in Japanese market as well.Also in Japan the leading e-readers called Kobo which is most selling e-reader device in Japan.Now Amazon kindle fire will give the heat to Kobo at Japan.Also the new Kindle selling with price tag of 7,980 yen which is nearly $98 for the Wi-Fi version of Kindle Paper white. Now the new Kindle Paper White  with 3G cell data version of device selling with price of 12,980 yen that is nearly $159.The new Paper white which is released in Amazon has nearly 6-inch screen with more than 50,000 novels are available in this model of device especially for Japanese version readers.

Also those who pre-order from Amazon webpage will started shipping in coming monday for the Japan based customers and normaly device will be available in coming Tuesday at all the outlets in japan.Also the price is established to give better competition with other device in Japan.Also the Amazon device will give the better competition with other e-readers in the market at Japan.Actually Kobo has released last October and started selling around 6,980 yen which means that $85 and other e-reader called Lideo selling with price tag of  8,480 yen which means its nearly $103.In Japan this is the initial phase in Japan and nobody started selling very aggressively so Amazon and other companies started selling now.Also in Japan there is only 128Million people but still its largest market to sell.Also in future there is significant experience will be there next year.


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