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Windows OS 8 pre-order starts now.

Now Microsoft is planning to release the Windows OS 8 very soon.Also now it has released the DVD of Windows OS 8 for the pre-orders. Also this pre-order DVD comes with price tag of $70 for all the US customers.Also Microsoft expected to release the Windows 8 OS on coming October 26 officially.After the official release of Windows OS 8 all the Windows lovers can download this Windows 8 OS for the price of $40.Also this offer will be valid until January 2013.Also When users are planning to buy after the release in Store they can also buy at and bestyBuy also from staples.Those who already using Windows 7 OS can upgrade to Windows 8 OS by paid just $15.Now HP,Acer,DELL and Samsung started pre-order to install the new Windows 8 OS.


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