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New WebOS based HDTV expected from LG.

LG is planning to release the new WebOS based HDTV expected to release in this year.Also the WebOs committee working with LG to bring the WebOS on HDTV.Also this project is involved by number of teams and HP/Gram who are all important members in this project.Also WebOS 1.0 released on HP new TouchSmart  computer at the well know famous hotels through the Kiosks.

Also the larger display will work well with this Web OS.Also LG is looking to replace their Net case smart TV with webOS and LG is mostly disappointed with Google's TV based apps and adoption cost.Also the Engineers are working with WebOS to port to the LG TV along with dual core L9 chipset. Also LG recently released the new gesture control and voice control over the TV.Also the new TV with WebOS will be coming at CES 2013.


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