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Amazon's new applications for Kindle Fire tablet.

X-Ray for TextBooks

Amazon recently released X-Ray application on the kindle fire tablet release event.Also this smart glossary for the learning requriements. This X-Ray application we can use it to read our school books as well.This is the similar funtion which is provided by IMDB for the movies. Also this new application comes with pre-installed along with new kindle fire tablet.

Kindle FreeTime app

The FreeTime application is the good application to play the content by kids.If parents are used to buy this kindle fire HD they no need to worry about their kids because their kids play with safe and secure content.In this application adult can create the new profile and can select the preferred content and this apps will dictate how long the kids are in online and what are the content they used to see and read.Also in this application there is parental control feature is there which is useful to maintain their kids.

X-Ray for movies

Amazon has released the X-Ray for Textbooks now it has released the same apps for the Movies like X-Ray for Movies. This application uses accessed the Internet Movie Database(IMDB).Also X-Ray apps gives the complete details of the actor and other information about the movie which we are preferr to watch.

Whispersync to play Games and Voice control

Whispersync is the application which is used to launch the voice control system while driving with car.After reading some pages and plan to read reset of the pages after reached home.So when reached home while open the book it comes in the same page where we left at. So its really nice Sync data to help reading better.Also the audio version available and while driving it will dictate for those pages if you want to listen while driving.Also Amazon gives the facility to sync game data as well so developers can tract the games score and meta data also how many users played everything will be store in the cloud.

Kindle Serials

Amazon also giving other features along with new Kindle fire tablet like serials.This Serials which means that consume the content  regularly for the particular series of books or topics.Once we purchase one book then if any other new issue comes then it will automatically given to you for free of cost this is the serials of  books.Also Amazon said that in the event like Charles Dickens books and Oliver twist books comes with free of cost by default.


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