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Xiaomi expands to Europe in coming years.

Xiaomi is the smartphone company which is started recently in the fresh start up segment company in China.Now Xiaomi has recently launched smartphone in china.The good news is that Xiaomi is going to launch the same smartphone in the European market.The recent smartphone Xiaomi phone 2 released few weeks back.This highly affordable smartphone is going to launch next year in the European market.The very first smartphone expectedt to be released by the Xiaomi with high quad core device in the Europe market.May be the next generation smartphone will be released to the European market in the mid if 2013 year.The business model will be expand to the unknown countries next year.This year chinese  company Xiaomi launched the smartphone in the china market.This smartphone has already sold in the china market around 3.52 millions piece already.The target of the company is to sell around 6millions Xiaomi smartphone in the coming years.


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