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iOS application version 4.4 got updated for Evernote Business by Evernote.

Now EverNote is entered into all type of media devices like Android and iOS devices.Now Evernote giving the update for Evernote Business application for iOS enabled devices for the version 4.4.Evernote has introduced recently  the Evernote Business application which is very good application for the individuals.As per the statement from the  CEO Phil Libin of Evernote,"This Evernote apps which is very usefule for individual use for the business and personal purposes also now the apps is modified based on the apps for the small and medium size devices like iPad and iOS devices".

Also this evernote got updated on Aug and this is the second time update.Also the multi-shot camera features are added advantage for this.Also evernote now supports for the PDF apps as well.So lets start the official and personal work with the Evernote Business application. Having already conquered the general consumer market on multiple platforms, Evernote's now taking its handy software


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