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ZTE New Table called CTE V96

ZTE company is planning to lauch the new tablet called v96.
This tablet contains lot of new features as well powerful display.this CTE tablet
contains the qualcomm 1.7 GHZ dual core processor.This is the first tablet contains
the 1.7 GHZ processor.So no doubt about the speed of the tablet.

It also has 1GB RAM so we can save lot of information internally with this flash memory.
The technology for this tablet means connectivity is 4 LTE Bands,3 42 MBBS HSPA+
Quad babd LTE.

The screen size for this mobile is 10.1inch and it comes with android version 4.0 ICS which
is the latest OS from android.

The camera for this tablet 5MP and 2MP front camera.The micro SD card slot also
available so we can expand memory like anythng.

Also it has the connectivity like bluetooth,wifi,USD, wifi hotspot.

Price of this tablet yet to be annouced.


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