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Google's new Chrome OS

Google released its new Chrome OS with completely depends and running  with application which is located in the OS.Today Samsung releases the new and shine Chrome box with completly new user interface experience.Actually this Chrome Box is full driven based on the apps running in the box.

Who ever not used chrome OS then for those users its completely new user experience as well as new to Chrome OS will give the feel of work with new Operation System.All the apps runs inside the chrome browser and runs directly from the cloud.So ultimately all the apps runs in Chrome OS  which is running from the Cloud.Initially the first chrome book was released last year.

Actually Chrome book is multi user systems and when the user login with Google account all the user data will be stored in the Cloud none of the user data stored locally reuse by other users.So when the user get the constant internet connection its very useful machine and the OS running with completely cloud based apps.As well as all the apps runs within Chrome browser.So when the user shout down the PC no information is available locally and its been stored everything in cloud.

So If the user wants to run the chrome book that is chrome OS they have to run this with internet connection
there is no other choice.So ChromeOS runs with internet connection but the battery life and performance of the system should be consider.So the latest Chrome book has attractive hardware components like Intel dual-core  Sandy Bridge Celeron processor with 4GB of RAM.So with this configuration the performance boost and and stability of battery life will increase.


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