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The Stylish Lenovo IdeaPad U310 comes with reasonable price of $799.

Now a days the Ultrabook has entered into the market with the huge price like Apple's MacBook Air.But in the same line there are plenty of laptops which is comes with less cost in the market.Now lot of Ultrabook has comes with latest hardwares and processors with latest technology.Now one of the Ideapad is Lenova's new IdeaPad U310. The new Ultrabook from Lenovo comes with Core i5 processor which is quiet latest processor from Intel.Also when we see the memory there is 4GB of RAM for the fast processing.Also this Ultrabook cost really affordable in the Ultrabook segment and this Ultrabook cost around $799.

The first Look

The first time we saw the name of the laptop every one though that it will be extended version of Lenovo Ideapad U300.But there is a little difference between these two versions.The Ultrabook sides thickness  comes around 0.7 inches length.This Ultrabook has easy to open because of the lid protrudes of this design.The power button design is looks too good and it comes with spun metal buttons and it glows whitish color when the system is switched on.

Also when we look into the bottom of the laptop its really clear and looks good.This Lenovo Idea U310 is build with supreme quality. This Ultrabook comes with lid and backside cover.This laptop also comes with plastic coating bezel.The color comes with Cherry Pink,Aqua Blue and Graphite Gray.The keyboard of this Ultrabook looks neat and matte finish.Also its designed with metallic sheen for the complete resistant and protect from scratches.But the Ideapad U310 is thicker than the previous model U300 also heavy.

This Ultrabook comes with 13.3 inch wider screen with resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels. The Lenovo  Ideapad U310 comes with fastest processor of core i5-3317u with 1.7GHz speed.Also it comes with Intel's latest HD Graphics 4000.This Ultrabook has hybrid hard drive which comes with 500GB hybrid drive.The speed of this drive comes around 114 MB/s.The battery life of this Ideapad comes around 4:57.

The Lenovo Ideapad comes with $799.The Lenovo model IdeaPad starts with $750 at the official Lenovo site.This is really comes with high configuration with buget price.Also the IdeaPad comes with 1.8Ghz core i3-3217U processor.This CPU comes with 4GB of RAM memory with resolution of 1,366 x 768.Finally worth of buying this laptop for the cost of $799.


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