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ViZi launched its two size model Desktop ALL IN ONE PC powered by Intel's latest Ivy Bridge.

Vizio is the one for the electronic components manufacturing company which is providing the electronic
companonets to all other computer manufacturing companies.Now Vizio itself launched their own product with their own parts of computers.This is bring the Vizio to the world and now every one started searching about Vizio.

Now intially they have two set of models based on the size of the screen.One screen comes with 24 inch size
another screen with 27 inches of size.Both computers are powered by Intel's latest technology processor of
Ivy Bridge processor.The both of this model screens comes with 1080p resolution and HDMI for TV connection as well.When this monitor are used as a TV the computer supporting screen was turned off.This is really a new features in the all in one pc world.

Earlier this was showed in the CES 2012 on Jan and now the desktop pc has released and started shipping in June. The price of this model and detailed specification we can discuss further below.The company's official launch in fron the press confrence in NYC,Today they have announced that its will be availble throught out the world by todays itself.

The cost of the 24 size all in one computer for $898 and with the same configuration but screen size vary 27
cost of $1,098

Now the pc available ONLY in the online market like Walmart,Target and Costco.


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