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Volvo's new premium hatchback car will be launch in India next year.

Volvo has already released lot of new models in India but with high end models off course with high price. Now its planning to release the new budget price Volvo hatchback car in India coming next year 2013.This new model has shown in recent Motor show held in Paris. The next level of sales marketing news is spreading about the car world wide.So the new list has released from Volvo about the availability
of this model in the list India's name has listed as well.
The new model will be coming with two petrol and diesel variants also it will be coming with 6 turbochargers engine within this 6 engine 3 engines for the petrol variants and other 3 engines for diesel.The model of T3,T4, and T5 comes for the petrol variants and D2,D3 and D4 comes for the diesel variants.Among this model T3 and T4 has 4 speed manual transmission as well as T5 comes with speed automatic transmission variant.

Petrol Engines:
The T3 variants coems with 150PHP speed with 2.0ltr engine and T4 comes with 180PHP speed engine. Finally T5 comes with 254PHP speed engine attached.

Diesel Engines:
T2 variants comes with 115PHP speed engine,T3 comes with 150PHp speed as well as T4 comes with 177 Php engine attached.


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