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Apple updated iPod nano

Apple update their Nano series of iPod and now its becomes more powerful than earlier.This new iPod nano  comes iwth 2.5-inch fantastic multitouch display.Also when we look at the storage it comes 16Gb storage model.Also it comes with lot of new added features like Bluetooth.The seventh generation of Nano got the refreshment when compare to earlier version.Now the new iPod nano comes with 38% thinner than the older one.Also thickness wise it comes with 5.4mm.Also the screen display has the size of 2.5-inch fantastic touch screen.Also the DVR playback control and FM tuner also modified now.

Also Bluetooth radio has given as well as it supports inbuilt pedometer.Also its supports lightening connector as well.The new media player play around 30 hrs and its really vert huge time when we compare to older version of iPod nano.Also the 16GB iPod touch comes with multiple colors like seven colors of rainbow.The new iPod nano starts shipping in October for the price tag of $149.


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