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Simple Superb Jelly Belly Live Wallpaper

Actually this is not a very big gadget but still it adds some beauty to our Jelly Bean Smartphones.Android 4.1 Software running in Nexus 7 smartphone can have this Jelly bean wallpaper which is exactly fit into the screen and adds the beauty to the Nexus 7 tablet.This Jelly Bean live wallpaper has additional features of selecting beans and setting screen size of the smartphone.To create some brand recognization of Jelly bean Google has released this Jelly bean live wallpaper.This is available in Google play for the free of cost.This is really a interactive wallpaper and it has some awesome settings as well.

The features like

  • Touch and drag the screen to put more Jelly's on the bucket.
  • Touch and hold for few mints to burst the jelly.
  • To vanish the jelly shake smartphone or move it upside down.
  • Make the game by "Jelly Belly Volley"
  • Favorite Jelly Bean choos from the crowd.
  • Also the background of the wallpaper we can change.


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