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LG Optimus arrived through the Verizon in the name of LG Intuition.

Already most of the people knows that Verizon will be expected to release the 4G LTE based smartphone from LG which is named as LG Optimus Vu.Now some of the news from known source said that LG Optimus Vu will be released from Verizon in the name of "LG Intuition". The image has shown here is got it from the Droid Life.This mobile comes with contract price around $199.99 for the LG best screen size of 5-inch. This smartphone comes with contract free as well for the cost of $549.99.

Now Verizon is going to launch the Smartphone LG Intuition which is expected to be release with Snapdragon S3 processor.The korean based LG company will be release the next version soon in the international version of Optimus Vu.But the chip set may vary between these devices. The LG international device may get the Tegra 3 processor.But some places of leak sources said LG Intution will come with Snapdragon S4. So once its released then only we comes to know the exact specification of the smartphone LG Intuition.


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